Beaumont Blitz 2021 Fundraiser

This year the Beaumont Blitz will be selling Kernels Popcorn & Jack Links Beef Jerky for the association fundraiser.

Each player will commit to purchasing 4 boxes each.

More information on pick up times will be sent out in an email and will be published on our website.

The fee for fundraising will be included with registration.

Fundraising Incentive

Remember, this is the organization's primary fundraiser. Funds are used to keep registration fees low and to help cover the costs for diamonds rentals & improvements, subsidize facilities rentals, uniforms, equipment, umpire fees, GEMSA league registration, etc... This also allows our players (parents 🙂  to recoup 100% of the fundraiser fee.

We have increased the incentive this year for our top sellers – with hopes that by engaging the players in the fundraising process they can learn to appreciate the value of this gift of sport that their parents provide.

Prizes  for the highest sellers are as follows:

1st  Place:  $500  - Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place:  $250  - Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place:    $100 - Amazon Gift Card