Bylaws & Policies

Transfer Policy


BBFA’s focus is to support developing players within Beaumont, with the intention and goal of providing both recreational and competitive levels of playing opportunities within our community, whenever possible. For this reason, any player wanting to play in the competitive stream must first attend the BBFA ID camp. This allows the Association to assess the caliber of potential competitive teams, determining what levels we will be able to offer.

BBFA will not accept outbound player transfer requests prior to March 15th (subject to team formation at the applicable level). BBFA reserves the right to wait until the current year’s registration is closed to verify the number of teams and conduct evaluations to determine the caliber of the team and the division they will play in. Please note, transfers are not required for age category U17 or older.

Softball Alberta designates specific conditions that must be met in order to grant a player transfer, and BBFA board utilizes these same criteria in their considerations. Therefore, transfers will only be considered at the discretion of the BBFA board on the following grounds:

  • There are not enough players to form an A/B caliber team.
  • There are enough A/B caliber players to form an A/B team but an individual player was unsuccessful in securing a position on it, and has gone on to successfully secure a roster position on an A/B level team with another association. If they fail to make that team then they must return and play on the next highest level team available in the BBFA within their age category.

If a player meets either of these criteria, and has successfully tried out and secured a roster position on an A/B level team with another association, they may follow the player transfer process identified on Softball Alberta’s website to submit a request to the BBFA board for consideration.

The number of transfers approved in a season is at the discretion of the BBFA board and may be denied based on roster requirements.

These transfers must be requested annually until the player is of U17 age.