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Beaumont Blitz Fastball is currently seeking coaches for the 2019 Season.

If you have a love for softball and want to help grow the game, we would love to have you join us.

Download the application & email it to

Still need convincing?  Read below.

Why Coach?

There are many reasons why people get involved in coaching softball. Here are a few:

  • As parents we want to spend time with our child in an active way;
  • as individuals we want to volunteer and get involved in our community;
  • as teachers we have taken on extra-curricular school activities;
  • as athletes we want to pursue our passion in a different direction and give back to our community;
  • as fans we simply love sport and want to give coaching a try.

But what does a coach do?

A softball coach strives to do the following:

  • Encourage young athletes to be active and to have fun;
  • plan purposeful practices and create engaging activities;
  • lead their participants in developing gross motor skills;
  • help participants identify how to improve their performance by providing constructive criticism and advice;
  • manage problems by making ethical and respectful decisions
  • enable safe participation by creating a safe environment
  • teach others how to respect themselves, others, and their sport.

In short, when you become a coach, you help others reach higher, both in sport and in life!

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Email us if you are interested and still have questions.

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